About Us

Cedar Tower Services (Pty) Ltd (CTS) was founded in December 2013. The company specialises in developing Drupal and other database driven software solutions in the medical and heritage sectors. The director, Nicholas Wiltshire, has more than 20 years experience in working on solutions for the food and beverage, wholesale electronics and transport industries and over 10 years of experience working in the heritage industry.

In December 2013, CTS began the development of AgeWell Global for Mothers2Mothers based in Cape Town. The system captures health and wellbeing related data by elderly companions in Khayelitsha and Sea Point. The dashboards, analytics, reporting, data capture forms and management tools were first built using Drupal on a mobile­friendly theme. This was followed by enabling offline data capture on Android smartphones using ODK. Customised code was written to synchronise ODK with the Drupal Content Management System for AgeWell Global. The system went live in March 2014 and the pilot came to an end on 31st December 2014. AgeWell Global is currently in the process of being launched in the USA.

Wiltshire was also responsible for the development of South Africa's first national heritage management system, the South African Heritage Resources Information System (SAHRIS), which was developed using Drupal and Geoserver, both Free Open Source Software (FOSS) between November 2011 and November 2013 while on contract to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA). Since September 2014 CTS has been developing a new product for the heritage sector, the ‘Heritage Screener’. It is primarily designed for the early stages of the environmental impact assessment, mining licence application and heritage processes. The Heritage Screeners have been welcomed by the environmental and heritage community. CTS is also focusing on the development of mapping services tailored to heritage impact assessments and research. These services may also be applied to other industries with the need for spatial representation of data.

Capability Statement:

CTS has seven staff spread across the heritage and software development components.


Back row: Peter Kloos (GIS Specialist and Software Developer), Matthew Kallis (Systems Specialist), Nicholas Wiltshire (Director), Kyla Bluff (Associate)

Front row: Sandiswa Mkuba (Digitisation Administrator), Siyasanga Mhlekude (Digitisation Administrator), Mariagrazia Galimberti (Heritage Executive) 

Brief Bios and current projects of the team:

Nicholas Wiltshire, Director. Nic is an archaeologist with a Masters degree from the University of Cape Town. He specialises in geographical information systems (GIS), rock art and software development. 

Current Projects:

  • Highlands House FutureCare system - this is a Drupal web-based application integrating Care Planning and Resident Management. The system will be completed in mid 2015.
  • Namibia National Heritage System - this is a project under the OpenHeritage umbrella. Launched in October 2014, the system will be rolled out over 3 years to 2017.
  • Heritage Screeners - software and technical direction.

Matthew Kallis, Systems Specialist. Matt started working for CTS in September 2014. He completed the SAHRIS Site Recording App using ODK in November 2014 and is heavily involved in the FutureCare system.

Dr Mariagrazia (Grazia) Galimberti, Heritage Executive. Grazia heads the heritage division and splits her time between OpenHeritage and the heritage related work at CTS (such as the Heritage Screeners). She is the lead trainer and product management coordinator for the implementation of the national heritage management system for the National Heritage Council of Namibia. 

Peter Kloos, GIS Specialist and Software Developer. A graduate of the universities of Stellenbosch and Tübingen, Peter applies his training in engineering, geoscience and archaeology to spatial data analysis and web-based application design. 

Kyla Bluff, Associate. Kyla is an archaeologist currently in the final year of her Masters degree at the University of Cape Town. Kyla works closely with the rest of the team to produce the Heritage Screeners. She is also an active member of eCRAG (affiliated with the South African Archaeological Society), a volunteer group recording rock art sites in the eastern Cederberg.

Sandiswa Mkuba, Digitisation Administrator. Sandi is primarily involved in the Heritage Screeners to extract heritage sites from the thousands of impact assessments and research projects across the country. She spent a year at SAHRA from 2013 - 2014 as an intern with the National Inventory Unit scanning registry reports dating back to the 1920s.

Siyasanga Mhlekude, Digitisation Administrator. Siya is primarily involved in the Heritage Screeners to extract heritage sites from the thousands of impact assessments and research projects across the country. He also spent a year at SAHRA from 2013 - 2014 as an intern with the National Inventory Unit scanning registry reports dating back to the 1920s.