Heritage Services

CTS has a team of seven staff involved in heritage management, archaeology, policy, software development, GIS and digitisation of heritage resources. Please click on the headings below for more information about our range of heritage services.

Heritage Screeners

A Heritage Screener is a summary assessment of all known heritage resources in an area proposed for development. It contains a set of recommendations, detailed maps and all known heritage data relevant to the proposed application.

Heritage Screeners are normally submitted to the relevant heritage authority at the early stages of a development or mining process (NID or BID phase), but can be used at later stages of the development process since they can easily substitute a Scoping Report and can form a starting point for a Heritage Impact Assessment.

Following the submission of a Heritage Screener, the heritage authorities are able to make robust, consistent decisions regarding the requirements, nature and scale of a possible Heritage Impact Assessment. Heritage Screeners lead to more predictable outcomes for applicants and are specifically designed in line with the statutory requirements of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999).

Please click here for more detailed information about our Heritage Screeners and for our online application form.

Mapping Services

CTS uses QGIS for the production of its high quality maps. Our mapping service covers the following:

  • heritage site maps categorised by grading and declaration status
  • surveyed areas categorised by the level of coverage
  • heritage sensitivity maps
  • mapping of declared sites to show the boundaries of the declared area defined by the survey diagrams (where available)
  • mapping of proposed developments overlaid with various heritage indicators such as sites, sensitivities and other relevant layers
  • palaeosensitivity maps drawn from SAHRIS for desktop palaeontological assessments
  • custom maps using data provided by our clients

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 Baboon Point PHS

Application Service

Our services include the completion and submission of heritage related applications to heritage authorities:

  • Submission of permit applications to the heritage authorities (SAHRA, HWC, Amafa, ECPHRA, PHRA-G, LIHRA, MHRA, NBKB, HFS, NWPHRA, COCT). This is either done on SAHRIS for heritage authorities accepting submissions through the SAHRIS system or in other formats required by heritage authorities which are not using SAHRIS (such as Heritage Western Cape's paper-based forms).
  • Liasing with landowners to obtain signed consent for permit applications where applicable
  • Liasing with museums to provide consent as the approved repository for excavated material where applicable
  • Screening permit applications to ensure the motivations and supporting documents provided will meet the requirements of the heritage authorities
  • Creation of sites on SAHRIS, upload of photographs and site/object recordings which meet the requirements of the heritage authorities
  • Liasing with the relevant authority about the time frames expected for your application.
  • The standardised cost for each application is R350.00.
  • Submission of NIDs and SAHRIS applications triggering s. 38(1) or 38(8) will be undertaken free of charge when a heritage screener is commissioned for the project. Note we do not process NIDs without an accompanying heritage screener. 

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Spatial Planning

Our spatial planning service includes the preparation and compilation of heritage inventories required by s. 30(5) of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999):

"At the time of the compilation or revision of a town or regional planning scheme or a spatial development plan, or at any other time of its choosing, or at the initiative of a provincial heritage resources authority where in the opinion of a provincial heritage resources authority the need exists, a planning authority shall compile an inventory of the heritage resources which fall within its area of jurisdiction and submit such inventory to the relevant provincial heritage resources authority, which shall list in the heritage register those heritage resources which fulfil the assessment criteria under subsection (1)."

The spatial planning service is typically used during Spatial Development Framework (SDF) audits for municipalities. 

  • All the known heritage resources are summarised and mapped according to their gradings (significance ratings). 
  • Gaps and/or unavailable datasets are identified
  • Incomplete or inconsistent gradings of heritage resources are corrected
  • Maps of sites by type (archaeological, palaeontological, built environment, cultural landscapes etc) are provided
  • Full inventories in tabular and GIS format (shapefile/kml) are provided
  • Relevant heritage report references are provided in tabular format
  • The above data is consolidated and presented in the form of a heritage inventory report which complies with the standards and formats stipulated by the heritage authorities

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HIA Background Work

CTS offers a background HIA service to heritage practitioners which includes:

  • maps and datasets of heritage resources already identified in the area, divided by site type and grading
  • previous heritage surveys undertaken, categorised by their level of coverage
  • previous developments proposed in the area
  • identification of specific areas which may require further surveys

We also offer provide a post-survey mapping service for data provided by the client.

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